Why you need Semsto?

Empower your teams to work better, together, by bringing the right people, processes, and information onto a single platform with Semsto.

Outdated, time-consuming methods hinder operations, leading to missed opportunities, deadlines, and frustrated staff, ultimately slowing company growth. Semsto offers a solution by automating complex, time-intensive processes and simplifying resource planning for projects, revitalizing efficiency and fostering business growth.

Problem Statement

  • Employing various tools for business operations management.

  • Lack of integration among these tools.

  • Decision-making not based on data analysis.

  • No implementation of tools to enhance operational efficiency.

  • Tools operating in isolation without synergy.

Impact on Business

  • Slow business growth due to ineffective processes.

  • Resources consumed by routine tasks, hindering focus on growth initiatives.

  • Non-data-driven decisions leading to potential disasters.


  • A comprehensive solution encompassing vital business facets such as goals, finance, employee management, recruitment, assets, and lead generation.

  • Empowered decision-making through interconnected modules offering holistic insights across various business domains.

Why Semsto

  • Interconnected modules allow business to take data driven decisions.

  • Serve clients effectively.

  • Value-added services aimed at enhancing business processes.

  • Our dedication to improving overall business efficiency.

  • Straightforward solutions designed for easy comprehension and seamless implementation.

  • Solutions that substantially boost operational effectiveness.

  • Customization tailored to specific business needs and requirements.

Semsto streamlines the management of the following operation.

Improve Effectiveness of Business

Make your Business Online and Transparent

Reduce Efforts in Resources Management.

Employee Management

Employee Work Management

Manage Payroll and Attendance

Leave and Salary Management

Employee Evaluation

Employee Request

Employee Screen Capturing

Employee Loan Management

Project Management and Analytics

Project Team and Role Management

Manage Task Assignment and Follow-Ups

Testing and Bug Management

Lead and Follow-up Management

Lead Automation

Meetings and Reminders

Recruitment Management

Goal Management

Wishlist Management

SWOT Analysis

Document Management

Physical Resources Management

Quickly Communicate with Clients and Employees

Sales and Purchase Management

Proposal Management

Payment Receive and Given Management

Income/Expense Management

Financial Budget Planning

Inventory Management

Financial Management Reports

Individual Sticky Notes

Notification and Calendar Reminders

Manage Visitor

Customer Support

Survey Management

Digital Diary

Workflow Management

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