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  • 01 Dec

The world of insurance is connected with paperwork. Every day your team flips through a pile of papers in order to find the most accurate response to questions from the customers and clients. The catch here is the strict timelines add to the complexity of the industry.

With similar challenges, our Insurance company-based client recently wanted to streamline their business operations with Semsto. Read a detailed case study about how we assisted this client in implementing the Semsto solution to digitize most of their manual paperwork and improve overall operations.

About the client

The client is a large insurance company offering healthcare and life insurance. Their target audience is a set of b2b companies, families, and individuals who would like to opt for insurance.


The company's primary operations result from responding to PFPs that their clients/prospects submit through the brokers. This process needs collective input from different departments in a limited time frame. They were performing the entire process manually, where they required different departments to sort multiple files and find the most accurate answers to the questions. They also require the RFP coordinators to turn in their responses consistently. However, limited transparency on progress and tasks to be completed made their processes inefficient. It caused data errors, sluggish response times, and a frustrated set of brokers and their clients.


First, we understood the business process, their requirements, and the desired results from our solution.

Our primary focus was to automate their manual workflow and provide a centralized system for each and every operation. So, we integrated Semsto and implemented the required modules. The focus was as below.

  • Integrate a system with a simple and single point of data entry

  • Automate all incoming manual tasks like lead, customers, finances, employees to a single interface

  • Automate the workflows, reporting, lead management

  • Effective business metrics measurements

The Implementation phase

This is where we configured and customized the CRM to integrate Semsto with required modules into their business. We have certified consultants who perform this process with weekly reviews and validate the implementation and requirements. It consists of

  • Scheduled weekly business process deliverables

  • Review of the business process deliverables

  • System Integration Testing

Module Implementation

There are modules like leads, communication, employee management, project management, recruitment, finance, and more. Along with their business requirements, they also wanted to automate their daily business processes in the Semsto itself. So, we implemented a lot of modules and integrated it with their required data.

After implementation, we stabilized the customer management system and enabled easy system maintenance. It entailed

  • Identifying the gaps in the implementation by understanding how the business processes were being used

  • Use case-based training

  • Analyse the quality and quantity of data

  • Fine-tune the system to further increase the adoption

Document Management

The document management module contained a single point from where they can store their important documents related to the business and their clients. Their main motive was to have a system where their users can easily add, edit, delete these documents and share access with each other whenever required. The implementation of the document module allowed the same and they were able to streamline their documents across the organization.

Task Management

Insurance domain means big teams working for projects. So for the client task management was a necessary thing. They wanted a system where they could assign tasks to their teams with proper deadlines. The task management module allowed them the same with some control over how their team works. They can track the progress on tasks and see how to move forward with the next process.

The Outcome

With Semsto, we successfully integrated different modules into the business while taking care of the complex systems of the client environment.

We integrated the CRM in a way that the inputs provided by the prospects could be reflected directly in the insurance company's CRM. It became the dynamic CRM integration - a one-stop solution for their company. IT helped to build a strong sales cycle by using it and avoiding tedious day-to-day tasks. Today they have a lot of agents who use their CRM and provide services to clients.

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