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  • 01 Dec

This is a case study of one of our clients from the Architecture business.

Their challenge was to fine-tune significant flaws in their business operations. Their project bids, potential gigs, and client communication were all over the place. They were in dire need of a single system to put everything in a single interface.

Explore this detailed case study on how we helped them combine their sales and customer tracking in a centralized system. After the implementation, it helped them make better decisions, improved a lot of processes like sales, purchasing, and selling, improved customer happiness, and more.

Let's dig in!

About the Project

Their primary purpose was implementing a project management module and other use cases like fast invoicing, marketing management, and customer communication. So, after onboarding them, we captured and understood the most critical aspects of their business. We wanted to understand their vision and challenges so that we could align our Semsto implementation process with theirs. After understanding everything in detail and capturing their database, this is how we implemented every module.

Project Management

Their business is spread across the globe, so they had many projects on hand. We implemented a project module as per their requirements. They wanted to overview all the projects to organize workloads better. So, we implemented the dashboard view and installed all their projects here for them to overview.

Task Management

One of their major points was to streamline tasks across the organization. Their teams were having a lot of smalls to medium tasks but there was no system to manage and track the progress on them. With the task management module, they can assign the tasks to their teams easily and check the overall progress. This helps them be informed about the updates in real-time and improve efficiency of their team accordingly.

Fast Invoicing

We implemented fast-invoicing functionality for them to avoid invoicing errors. Even they can even create workflows to track invoicing processes. This allows them to track the progress of their team so that they can validate each billable task after it gets completed.

Email Support

As their business was expanding, they wanted a centralized system for their communication efforts. In Semsto we have email support where their tool users can swiftly and seamlessly send emails at times of meetings, newsletters, etc.

So, it becomes easy for them to automate their email campaigns and even track email schedules for significant customers/prospects.

Asset Management

The client wanted to streamline their asset management. With the help of asset management modules, now they can easily keep track and manage employees associated with them. The client can grant/revoke access when required, manage requests, and categorize assets.

Customer Management Module

The client's primary goal in order to streamline their customer communication was to enable each of them working on the project to be able to have access to essential data from any device. With our customer management system of Semsto they centralized this data and allowed the right access for their team. They were able to capture leads into the tool and follow the rest of the processes accordingly to convert those leads into customers.

This helped them improve communication with customers with correct information on hand with their team members. Even it brought efficiency in their operations as they were able to get notified regarding any worksite changes on an immediate basis.

Other Small but Important Functionalities

There were other small requirements like reports for different things like employee performance, task effectiveness, goal tracking, recruitment effectiveness, balance sheet report etc. This functionality enabled them to have convenience while limiting errors and improving the reliability of each department with clear and concise reporting.

Document Management

This client had a lot of sensitive and important documents. The implementation of the document module helped them store their data in a single place. This allowed them easy access to the document anytime plus a high level of security. It not only helped them have a clear visibility on the current documents, but also allowed role-based access to each of them as per the requirements.

Employee Management

Another essential module for implementing tools for architecture was the employee module. They majorly wanted to track their team performance and also overview how members are spending their time on the projects.

The employee management module helped them minimize a lot of manual excel entries and automated a lot of their tasks for employee management. Now they can easily look at the dashboard to get a bird's eye view of how the team is functioning and make necessary decisions and changes as required.

The Outcome

The implementation of the Semsto solution for this architecture client was a success. Now the client regularly uses the software and runs their operations in a single system. This project enabled us to be open to new project changes and customizations the client was expecting. After two months, the client's first comment was that now they can spend their time on rather essential tasks as the Semsto is taking care of the majority of their operations.

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