Be a part of our mission to amplify the efficiency and success of businesses everywhere.

Expand with us by endorsing our mission to boost business efficiency. Our referral program is designed to globally disseminate our solutions, thereby magnifying their impact on businesses and individuals. Through the use of our efficient tools, mundane business tasks can be completed in just hours, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on scaling the fundamental aspects of your enterprise.

Our partner programs offer you the opportunity to generate income while making a significant impact on the businesses you are connected with.

Benefits of Partner Program

Increase Revenue

Partners have the opportunity to earn extra income by introducing and endorsing our company's products or services to their clientele.

Increase Brand Exposure

Partners play a crucial role in enhancing the company's presence and visibility by actively promoting our brand within their extensive network of customers.

Access to New Markets

Partners are instrumental in enabling the company to penetrate new markets and connect with customers previously beyond our reach.

Improve Customer Relationship

Forming partnerships with other companies can strengthen customer relationships by providing a more diverse array of products and services.

Cost Savings

Collaborating with other companies can lead to cost reductions through the shared use of resources, including marketing materials, customer service, and technical support infrastructure.

Knowledge Sharing

Partners have the opportunity to exchange expertise and knowledge, fostering fresh insights and the enhancement of business practices.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Through providing a broader selection of products and services, partner programs can significantly boost customer satisfaction and foster greater loyalty.

Competitive Advantage

Forming partnerships with other companies can grant a competitive edge by presenting customers with a unique value proposition, setting the company apart from its rivals.

How Referral Program Works

  1. Customers or members are provided with a unique opportunity to refer new clients to a business by sharing a specialized referral code.
  2. The prospective client utilizes this referral link or code to sign up or make a purchase, initiating the referral process.
  3. This referral is meticulously tracked, and if it satisfies the specific conditions set by the business, such as completing a purchase, the customer or member who initiated the referral receives a reward as defined in the referral agreement.
  4. As a result, the business gains from heightened customer acquisition, enhanced customer relationships, and a broader scope of brand exposure.

Limitation of Referral Program

  • Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for the program in the subsequent year, a minimum of 10 client referrals per year is required.
  • Referral Cap: To maintain fairness and prevent potential abuse, there is an annual limit of 200 referrals per participant.
  • Quick Referral Requirement: New participants in the referral program must successfully refer at least 2 clients within their first month of joining.
  • Organization Size Criterion: Referrals should ensure that the organization they are referring has a minimum team size of 15 people.
  • Agreement Stipulation: Participants in the referral program must sign a referral program agreement, which is subject to annual renewal.

Eligibility of Referral Programme

All existing clients can participate in the referral programme.


Business Coaches

CA Firms

Business Institutes

Others may apply for the referral program and, if chosen, may also refer.

How to Apply for Referral Program

Please fill below form to Apply for Referral Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for the referral programme using the form on this page.

The referral system is offered to all existing clients, CA firms, influencers, business coaches, and business organizations.

Sign the referral agreement if Semsto has approved the referral.

We will provide you with a referral code that you must share with a person who purchases services from Semsto.

You will receive an email when someone joins Semsto using your referral code.

The referral amount will be cleared 15 days following the referred client's payment.

Your referral programme requires a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 200 referrals per year.

Existing customers are already a member of the Semsto family, thus you cannot refer them.