Support System

Using a ticket creation system, you can effectively serve your clients. You can provide a link with your client where they can submit a support ticket and engage in two-way dialogue on the ticket until it is resolved.

Provide excellent service to your client by using tool which become bridge between your company and clients for effective communication.



Platform for Client Ticket Submission

Provide a client interface from where they can generate support tickets with details and even attach relevant documents.


Track All Past Ticket Requests

View and manage all client-generated support requests, and upon resolution, mark the ticket as closed and notify the client.


Client-Support Team Two-Way Communication

Enable two-way communication on ticket between support team and client via message and document sharing.

Pain Points

Track client support emails/SMS/calls
Human interaction is error-prone
Keep client informed about his requests
Maintain a record of earlier help request

Why Support System Management?

Importance of providing support quickly to clients

Providing quick support to clients is important for several reasons, including:

  • Increased satisfaction: Quick support can help increase client satisfaction and loyalty, as clients appreciate timely and efficient assistance.

  • Improved trust: Quick support can help build trust with clients by demonstrating that their needs are being addressed promptly and effectively.

  • Enhanced reputation: Quick support can help enhance a company's reputation by demonstrating its commitment to providing excellent customer service.

  • Reduced frustration: Quick support can help reduce frustration and dissatisfaction among clients, by providing timely and effective resolution to their issues.

  • Increased efficiency: Quick support can help increase efficiency by allowing clients to receive the assistance they need in a timely manner, reducing the time and effort required to resolve issues.

  • Better problem resolution: Quick support can help ensure that issues are resolved quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of repeated or ongoing problems.

Using an online client support system offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency: An online client support system can automate and streamline many manual processes, such as ticket management and response times, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

  • Enhanced accessibility: An online client support system can make it easier for clients to access support, providing 24/7 availability and reducing wait times.

  • Improved communication: An online client support system can facilitate communication between clients and support teams, improving coordination and reducing confusion.

  • Better data analysis: An online client support system can provide data and insights into support operations, allowing for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

  • Increased satisfaction: An online client support system can provide a more efficient and accessible support experience, helping to increase client satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Reduced costs: An online client support system can help reduce costs associated with manual support operations, such as phone and email support, by automating processes and reducing the need for manual labour.