Add Ons

  • Sticky Notes

    Simplify collaboration and communication on specific topics with color-coded notes and real-time sharing.

  • Digital Diary

    Keep a comprehensive journal of personal and professional details for reflection and planning.

  • Workflow

    Effortlessly manage projects, goals, and strategies, and collaborate with team members to achieve success.

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Sticky Notes


The Sticky Notes addon by Semsto empowers users to efficiently manage small notes, prioritize tasks, and collaborate seamlessly with team members. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or anyone looking to stay organized, Sticky Notes is your digital assistant for productivity.


Key Features

  • Color-Coding

    Customize your notes with a variety of vibrant colours to categorize and prioritize tasks and ideas. Easily distinguish between personal and work-related notes or organize them by project.

  • Team Collaboration

    Share sticky notes with team members effortlessly. Collaborate in real-time, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and remains focused on essential tasks.

  • Desktop Integration

    Install Sticky Notes on your desktop for quick and convenient access. Manage your notes directly from your computer, enhancing your workflow efficiency.


Digital Diary


Workflow Management