What's New

Thanks so much to all of our clients for the great feedback you've been providing that has allowed us to improve Semsto so much. Stay tuned, because we have lots more improvements coming soon!



Salary Bifrucation
Implementing a feature to bifurcate salary components enhances clarity and understanding for both potential and current employees. This feature is particularly useful during critical discussions, such as job offer negotiations or promotion reviews.

Employee Work Module Optimization
We've upgraded your experience: now add multiple tasks with a single click, enjoy enhanced functionality in our improved work modules, and navigate your daily schedule effortlessly with our redesigned, user-friendly interface. Streamline your workflow and boost productivity effortlessly.

Event Module Improvement

  1. Update Event modules to improve functionality and user experience.
  2. Integrate WhatsApp reminders and communication for events.
  3. Integrate WhatsApp confirmation for event participation.
  4. Lanunch mobile app by which can see event summary and also mange In/Out of event attendance.

Task Reveiw from Task List
Users can now review tasks directly within the listing interface, streamlining the feedback process and improving collaboration.

Support System Review and Rating
Implemented a review and rating feature for the support system, allowing users to provide feedback and rate their experience, contributing to continuous improvement efforts.

CRM New Reporting

  1. Redesigned the Lead Report interface for improved user experience and easier access to crucial lead-related information.
  2. Added the Daily Lead Activity Report, enabling users to track their daily lead interactions and activities efficiently.

Admin controlled Punch In/Out

  1. Administrators now can set the status where users can punch in using their devices.
  2. This feature provides administrators with greater control over the punch-in process, ensuring compliance with organizational policies and requirements.


Launch Mobile App
Launch mobile app which help organization's team member to manage CRM and Tasks.

Improve Payroll Module
We have substantially enhanced our payroll module, providing organizations with an efficient tool to manage all government compliance requirements and seamlessly integrate with reimbursement and loan processes.

Sticky Notes Desktop Version
Sticky notes will be managed through a desktop app.

Whatsapp Integratoin
We have implemented WhatsApp integration to ensure your team receives real-time notifications about all critical events. The prerequisite for this feature is a WhatsApp account verified by Meta.

Whatsapp Integratoin
Got all real time notification in your WhatsApp, for this you need to get account approval with Meta.



Employee/Client Contract
Create contract with employee/clients and share and sign it virtually.


Employee Evaluation
Assess employee performance using defined criteria with assigned weights for measurement.


Employee Point System
Integration of point system for measure and track performance of employees.

Broadcase Message
Broadcast message to all employee though notification and email.

Screenshot Capturing
Launch of most awaited feature of screenshot capture of team members. It helps you to view screenshot of employees.


Calendy Integration
For meeting/followup we will do integration with Calendly .

Google Calendar Integration
We will do integration of Semsto Calender with google calendar

Task Improvement
Task Improvement with better user experience and performance


Flow Management
Create your flow to manage your tasks

Digital Diary
Manage your diary online

Project Dashboard
Create a project dashboard that displays essential information about the project's progress, team activities, and revenue.


Plan a survey with your client and an employee to gather more information about your idea or thoughts.

CRM UI/UX Improvement
Improving UI/UX of CRM Module


Lead Automation Rules
Define custom automation rules for the lead in order to send auto notifications to clients and employees.


Launch of our new website.
Launch of a new, more informative and user-friendly website.

Financial Ratios
Create a report to display important financial ratios such as Sales vs Salary, Sales vs Proposal, and other financial analyses.


Chat System
A chat system allows your team to communicate and share files internally.

Support/Ticket System
Using a ticket creation system, you can effectively serve your clients. You can provide a link with your client where they can submit a support ticket and engage in two-way dialogue on the ticket until it is resolved.



Visitor/Event Management
Launch the Visitor and Event Management features. The visitor management section allows you to serve your visitors more quickly and with better quality. Event Management assists you in organizing the event, managing registration, and keeping track of attendees.

Employee Exit Interview
Feature that allows you to handle employee exit data from interviews or automate the process.


Goals Management for Employee
Providing Goal Management Feature for Employees by which your team can also create goals and work on it.

Goal Improvement
Goal Process is improved by providing action mapping with percentage and based on completed actions goal will be auto tracked.

Recruitment Improvement
Improve recruitment process to include below new features

  • Introduce Kanban View and Group View
  • Additional Information collection
  • Zoom Integration for interview meeting
  • Reference Checking
  • Communication Mail Scheduling

Manage Prospects by Group
Providing feature by which you can manage all prospects group wise.


Goal Connected with Finance, Recruitment and Leads
Suppose you set up a goal of earn revenue of $1,00,000.00 than the system will auto track with your finance module and show you progress.


New Design Integration
We come up with new design which is more user friendly and provide require information easily. We really appreciate efforts of our design partner Invints Infotech LLP

Help Section Released
We always believe in excellent customer service, so we release Help Section by which our user can easily get required information and in case of issue create ticket and track it's progress.

Project Profit Report Released
We come out with a report by which our client can easily analyse profit for each project with detail bifurcation.

Sticky Notes Released
We launch an exiting feature by which team can create sticky notes and share with other team members.


5 Clients onboard for beta testing
We gone to market and convince 5 clients to start using our solution.

Beta Testing Started
We are ready for beta launch!