How Webvolty It Solution Improved Their Business Operations by 80% With Semsto

  • 02 Dec

Running an IT business nowadays is much more than just doing usual things for the business. It is not just about growing your business economically. It is pretty evident that the IT market is getting competitive and to stay relevant in the market, you have to put in some great work in order to meet the customer requirements.

As per the study, the global information technology market grew from $8,384.32 billion in 2021 to $9,358.51 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6%.

In such a market with a lot of opportunities, it is important that you equip your business with necessary tools to do work smartly. For example, generally a few time consuming tasks like back-office operations, getting visibility into the inner workings of employees' operations, etc. can be little time-consuming to operate every day.

But what if you automate them with the help of an ERP system?

One of our customers, Webvolty It Solution, comes from an IT background. With years of experience, they were still figuring out the way to optimize their business operations and get the maximum outcomes out of their business with minimum efforts. Semsto took up that plunge and helped them implement ERP in their business operations.

As a result, their employees became more productive, focused on the tasks that actually need to be taken care of and as a result, 80% improvement in the business operations helped them improve their ROI.

Here's a breakdown of how different modules of our ERP software made a big difference to their operations?

Employee Management Made Simple

The client's requirement was not to micromanage their employees but also make sure that they were working optimally. All the cost that they invest behind creating a great environment for them, resulted in employees putting their best foot forward.

Now they can easily track the productivity, and burn out hours of their employees.

The client also put forward the following requirements:

  • Are employees working on the important tasks assigned to them?

  • Is the work getting done opposed to the number of hours filled in their system?

To fulfil this, we implemented an interactive dashboard to make sure that everything is on track and they should be able to make changes wherever required.

As a result, they not only take care of efficiency but also produce only quality work for their customers.

Project Management

Webvolty It Solution being an IT business, there are different kinds of projects like Agile, waterfall, time & material etc. on which they run their projects. When they teamed up with us, we helped them implement the project management module so that they could manage every minute detail of the project through this module.

Their major obstacle was having a lot of paperwork, documents, and spreadsheets. As a business, now they can also manage a number of people working on a specific project and assign tasks accordingly.

The activities of project management automate most of the tasks leaving with very little human intervention. This is what makes this module a perfect solution for the project management needs for the project.

Lead Management

One of the major reasons for Webvolty It Solution coming on board with Semsto was to streamline their lead cycle. Not only to get the leads in the right format, but they also wanted to improve their overall conversion rates.

Our take on this was to make sure that they are reaching the prospects at the right time.

Quick Fact:

  • Did you know that when any person reaches out to your business in terms of a lead, they also reach out to 10 other businesses like you to check which one is the right choice for them.

  • Now coming to the point of getting the reaching out time right, they defined different lead stages in the CRM system. They elaborated the stages further into different stages like in progress, followup, etc. to make sure that lead cycle is being followed optimally.

  • The best part about Semsto is that they could define their own lead modules and cycles to follow for different projects. With minimum one-time setup they could easily aim to convert a high amount of IT leads with the right approach.

Finance Management

With IT business comes a lot of responsibilities like managing finances of the product, buying and purchasing cycle, balancing the costs and its outcomes etc. With the finance module, Webvolty It Solution now manages everything at one place, leaving a lot of manual work behind.

Any finance related operations like purchase, sales, income, expenses, bank transactions, etc. they can do it all with the finance module. Starting from budget planning, sales of goods/services, taking care of taxes, accounts, managing different reports for a project, and a lot more.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

The time saved from manual efforts for your business can be invested in a lot of things like making more personalized solutions for the customers, engaging them more with thoughtful conversations that in the end save you a lot of time and give you a great amount of business with a loyal customer base. It is a modern day software built with modules keeping your business requirements in mind and giving you a cutting-edge in the industry with a lot of business growth.

Then do not wait more and join the bandwagon of more than 100 businesses leveraging Semsto for their business needs daily. Take a 30-day free trial today!

Thanks Webvolty It Solution for being such a great client for us.