About Us

Aarvi Technology is the company behind the Semsto product.

Since our inception in the IT sector in 2015, we have encountered numerous operational challenges and lacked the essential data needed for data-driven decision-making. We explored various tools to manage our operations, but found it cumbersome to use systems offering excessive features that were often unnecessary. This diverse toolset also hindered our ability to base decisions on data, resulting in increased costs due to multiple tool subscriptions.

In response, we made a strategic decision in 2016 to embark on the development of our own product. This product was designed to comprehensively address our needs, spanning from recruitment to intricate financial transactions. We dedicated our expertise to the creation of this solution.

We are delighted to note that, after investing time and effort into this project, many businesses have adopted our products. They have witnessed increased operational efficiency and positive outcomes in their operations, which has been a source of pride and satisfaction for us.


Become most trusted and reliable service provider for your business by continues innovation an improvement.


Empowering businesses by providing effective platform which help to improve business operations effectiveness and driving to faster growth.

Core Values