What problems we are solving?

Missed chances, missed deadlines, and disgruntled employees are constant problems for businesses adopting antiquated and time-consuming operational techniques.

As a result of all of this, the company's growth slows.

Not to worry.

Semsto streamlines resource planning for projects and automates difficult, time-consuming operations.

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Semsto can assist you with a wide range of challenges that arise during normal business operations.

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We believe together we can make your business more effective.


In Progress

API Integration

We will provide APIs for task so can later integrate with other platforms.

Improved Payroll Management

Improving payroll for make it more effective and quick.

Employee/Client Contract

Create contract with employee/clients and share and sign it virtually.

Up Next

Employee Letter

Create Employee letter and share with them.

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Employee Evaluation

Evaluate performance of your employee by specifiying various criteria and measure it with weightate.

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Whatsapp Integratoin

Be up to date with update on your Whatsapp number

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Mobile App

We are in design phase for mobile app and expected to release it in as diwali gift for all our clients.

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