What problems we are solving?

Missed chances, missed deadlines, and disgruntled employees are constant problems for businesses adopting antiquated and time-consuming operational techniques.

As a result of all of this, the company's growth slows.

Not to worry.

Semsto streamlines resource planning for projects and automates difficult, time-consuming operations.

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Semsto can support you with a variety of issues that arise throughout regular business operations.

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In Progress

Chat Integration

We are integrating chat with Twillio. By chat module Admin and Employee can communicate internally and also in group chat team member can communicate project wise.


Up Next

Employee Profile Generation

Employee's profile will be generated which we can share with our clients if have to show strengh of our resources.

Calendy Integration

For meeting/followup we will do integration with Calendly .

Google Calendar Integration

We will do integration of Semsto Calender with google calendar

Recruitment Custom Form

We will create custom form for recruitment so you can also ask custom question to your candidate.

Employee Exit Interview

We will give feature by which you can manage information of employee's exist interview or can also automated it.



API Integration

We will provide APIs for task so can later integrate with other platforms.

Goal Connect With Actual Module

We are very excited about this feature and planning to connect goal with Finance, Recruitment, Lead and Projects.

E-Signature Integration

Currently we have to do all documentation physically, we are planning to make it computerized.

Visitor Management

We are going to introduce visitor management system so you can easily manage your visitors.