What problems we are solving?

  • Our integrated tool offers a system which unifying operations across departments for seamless management of Finances, HR, Recruitments, Projects, Assets, Visitors, Documents and Communications.
  • With automation at its core, our tool optimizes processes, reduces manual tasks, and boosts productivity, empowering your team to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Gain actionable insights through robust analytics and reporting features, enabling informed decision-making and proactive responses to business needs.
  • Embrace scalability and flexibility with our cloud-based solution, ensuring accessibility from anywhere while accommodating your company's growth and evolving requirements.
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In Progress

Project Management Optimization

We are working on task managemen to provide more flexibility and features which will enhnace work flow effeciently and help team to co-ordinate with each other. We are working on providing project wise stages, improving user interface to quickly finish routine activities. Providing mechanism to get more details report to analysis work of team members.

Improving Bug Management

We are integrating bug management withing task module so you don't have to use seperate module for manage tasks. This will help to improve testing process and improve communication among testing and production team.

Support System Improvement

We are integrating support system within task so don't have to manage seperate support tickets. So support team and development team can better co-ordnating.

Client Panel Workout

Finally we decided to work on client panel which was request from many clients since many time. Initially we are implmenetinog support system, thenafter gradually will add more functionality for client also.

Up Next

Enhanced Mobile App: Now Packed With Additional Features

We are in the process of enhancing our app by integrating comprehensive request functionalities, including Leave Requests, Employee Requests, Resource Requests, and Overtime Requests, directly accessible by employees.

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Finanace Improvement

We are in the process of enhancing our finance module, focusing on the introduction of additional features, a broader range of reports, and significant performance improvements for a more robust financial management experience.

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Testing Module

We are developing a testing module designed to significantly reduce testing team's time and effort.

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Calender Appointment Generation

We are planning to provide you customer calender so all your team member can share it publically so other peopole can booked appointments.

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Revamped Client Module: Now With A Sleek New Design And Advanced Features

We're in the process of revamping our client module to offer a superior interface, enhanced performance, and a host of advanced features for an improved user experience.

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