• Manage job descriptions efficiently.
  • Store comprehensive candidate details.
  • Facilitate seamless candidate communication.
  • Simplify interview scheduling.
  • Streamline follow-up processes for candidates.

The recruitment module incorporates valuable features that have the potential to enhance the efficiency of the entire recruitment process by up to 60%.


Simplify the recruitment experience by allowing candidates to view job descriptions and apply directly from the same platform, enhancing ease of access and application efficiency.

Elevate candidate experiences by meticulously tracking each interview round, recording results and ratings, thereby ensuring a comprehensive and transparent interview process and evaluate performance of interviewer.

Strategically pinpoint and leverage the most impactful channels for attracting top-tier candidates, enhancing the effectiveness of the recruitment process.

Streamline the reference verification process through automation, significantly boosting efficiency and accuracy in candidate evaluation.

Implement analytics to identify the most efficient interviewers and analyze the time invested by the team in interviewing candidates, optimizing the recruitment process for effectiveness and time management.



Candidate Management

You can perform below operation for candidate to hire it

  • Store comprehensive candidate details.
  • Manage professional information and experience.
  • Effectively track candidate status throughout the recruitment process.
  • Streamline interview management and review processes.
  • Set follow-up reminders for timely actions.
  • Automate reference checking and validation procedures.
  • Communicate with candidates via email, SMS, and WhatsApp for efficient communication.

Job Description

  • Create custom job descriptions tailored to your organization's needs.
  • Share job descriptions with candidates to facilitate the application process.
  • Streamline the recruitment process with efficient job posting and candidate application procedures.

Pain Points

Track applicants and add details to portal
Interview process follow-up and communication is time consuming
Don't know which one is most effective channel for recruitment
Manual reference checking
Know performance of your Interviewer
Communication with candidate is not centralize

Why Recruitments?

  • Recruitment is one of the most important and crucial aspects of running a business.

  • About Job Description

    A job description is a clear and brief summary of a position's essential duties, qualifications, and skills. A job description is a thorough advertisement for an available position.

    A job description's objective is to attract qualified applicants to your firm or organisation.

    Importance of Job Description

    • Job descriptions are important to the hiring process.
    • A well-written job description should attract qualified candidates, tell them about the organisation and the position they are looking for, and explain expectations for the first year of employment.
    • Writing an accurate and effective job description can be time-consuming, but it is well worth the effort to understand how to do so effectively.
    • Your job description should be sufficiently detailed for candidates to determine if they are qualified for the position.

    What should be included in job description?

    • Job descriptions should be short enough to capture the candidate's attention, yet lengthy enough to provide a clear picture of the role and its associated responsibilities.
    • Job descriptions between 300 and 660 words work best on the majority of job search engines.
    • It should include the specific type of work, how that work will be completed.
    • Include the abilities necessary for the position.
    • Include the purpose of the job in relation to the mission and objectives of the organisation.

    Structure of Job Description

    • Job title
      • It should be clear and short
    • Company Description
      • Describe the mission and culture of your company, the size of your organisation, and what makes it special.
    • Summary of Job
      • Explain overview of the job.
      • Mention daily responsibilities.
      • Mention how the role fits into your organization.
      • Mention growth opportunity.
      • Mention with whom this function will collaborate within the organisation.
    • Responsibilities
      • Mention any responsibilities you can think of for this position, then reduce the list to 7 to 10 essential duties.
      • For each responsibility, specify why and how it will be performed out.
      • Responsibilities to include
        • Duties unique to your organization
        • Day to day activities for position
        • Financial responsibilities if any
        • Supervisory responsibilities
        • Hiring and terminating
        • Disciplining
        • Training
        • Performance evaluation
      • List of Job Qualification
        • Mention skills required
        • Education
        • Previous Job Experience
        • Certifications
        • Years of Experience
        • Technical Skills
        • Communication and problem solving expectations
        • Personal character that you hope for in a candidate

          Lastly, divide the skills into two categories: must-have and nice to have. Must-have skills are essential to the position. Nice-to-have skills would benefit the future employee but could either be taught on the job or aren't critical.

      • Compensation and Benefits
        • This is optional, but as per survey job seekers say that compensation is the most important part of a job description.
        • Salary ranges help your job stand out.
        • Can include perks and benefits like
          • Paid time off
          • Family leave
          • Child Care
          • Wellness Program
          • Medical, dental, life insurance
          • Flexible Hours
          • In office, remote or hybrid
          • In-office snacks, breakfast, lunch or coffee
          • Tuition reimbursement
          • Career development
      • Optional Items
        • Work environment, such as an office or outdoors
        • Essential physical requirement
        • Travel Requirements
      • Verify your job description
        • Make sure that your job description is proofread before you post it. Check for grammatical errors and spelling errors, simplify sentences as much as possible, and double-check that you've included all necessary elements.
    • Avoid in a Job Description
      • High-density job descriptions
        • A dense job description is difficult to read and qualitied candidates leaving the page before even apply.
        • Include only essential activity and avoid mentioning task which are occasional
        • Do not include duties which need to perform in future
      • Unclear responsibilities
        • Don't be ambiguous in job description.
        • For example, instead of writing “Assists marketing manager,” write “Assists the marketing manager with content planning by researching keywords, monitoring blog performance, and scheduling topics.”
      • Redundancy
        • Save your and candidate time by avoiding redundancy.
      • Jargon
        • When in doubt, always go with the simpler way of wording something.
      • Inaccurate qualifications
        • Mention minimum required skills.
        • Listing unreasonable expectations might provide you with an overqualified candidate who isn't the right long-term fit for the opening.

Sample profile

Business Analyst

Location: Surat

About the company

We are a fast-growing product base company. We are on a mission to improve effectiveness of all small and medium businesses by providing them tool which manage their business operations. We believe that culture is the most important for growing of company. Our company is a place where all people feel they are connected to our mission and live our core value of Trust, Care and Excellence. We are always ready to support each other.

About the job

This position is full-time and requires working in our Surat office at least five days per week. As a Business Analyst, you will have to manage client meeting and understand requirements and prepare proposals with project manager. You'll also be responsible for documentation used by developers. Business Analyst report to the Senior Business Analyst and works with the development, product management, quality assurance (QA), marketing, and user experience (UX) teams.


  • Evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing solutions.
  • Leading ongoing reviews of business processes and developing optimization strategies.
  • Client meeting for understand requirements
  • Understand client story and then by doing detailed business analysis outlining problems, opportunities and solutions for a business.
  • Check requirement feasibility as per company's strength
  • Allocating resources and maintaining cost efficiency
  • Explain client about project requirements and technical terms
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Variance analysis
  • Defining business requirements and reporting them back to stakeholders
  • Ensuring solutions meet business needs and requirements.
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest process and IT advancements to automate and modernize systems.
  • Working closely with clients, technicians, and managerial staff
  • Conducting meetings and presentations to share ideas and findings
  • Performing requirements analysis
  • Providing leadership, training, coaching, and guidance to junior staff
  • Updating, implementing, and maintaining procedures.
  • Monitoring deliverables and ensuring timely completion of projects.

Minimum qualifications

  • Commercial awareness
  • Confidence working with complex data and systems
  • Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills.
  • Thorough ability to operate in a fast-paced environment with evolving project requirements and priorities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work with people at all level of an organization
  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • A bachelor's degree in business or related field or an MBA or at least five years of experience as business analysis or a related field
  • Excellent documentation skills

Preferred qualifications

  • The ability to influence stakeholders and work closely with them to determine acceptable solutions.
  • Data Visualization
  • PHD Degree in Management
  • Experience of working from Germany
  • Knowledge of German Language

Compensation and Benefits

  • Compensation range: Rs.6,00,000-10,00,000
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Yearly 20 Paid leaves
  • Flexible vacation time
  • Medical Insurance

Your application should include the following

  • A link to your portfolio and any work you have led a team through
  • Your resume with LinkedIn profile

Setting up structure for people and processes

Some questions...

  • How do you forecast people need?
  • How do you balance skill set?
  • Do you review organization structure every 3 months?
  • Do all people know whom they report to?
  • Is RACI matrix defined in the organization?

What is RACI in software development?
A RACI matrix is a simple, effective means for defining project roles and responsibilities, providing a comprehensive chart of who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed every step of the way.

How candidate applied for job

Generally candidate applied for job by below medium
  • Your website's career page
  • Job Portal by mail
  • Calling you then sending resume by mail
  • Social Media site like LinkedIn

Consider whether you have a recruitment site via which you can create a Job Description and share it with candidates so that they can apply for the position immediately. Typically, when a candidate applies for a position, our HR manually enters candidate information into an Excel file using the candidate's resume. Now consider that if candidate information was directly stored in the portal when the candidate applied for a job, it would considerably cut HR time.

If we have a means to collect additional specific information from applicants in accordance with the job description, we will pick candidates based on this information.

Semsto can assist you in creating a job description that you can post on your website or social media channels so that potential candidates may read the description and apply for the position by completing the needed information. Semsto helps you compile information such as personal details, resume, experience details, expected salary, current company experience, education, skills, and expertise, and can define new information if necessary.

Candidate Management

After an applicant has applied for a job, the next steps are screening and interviewing. This procedure is time-consuming and required significant HR team work.

We are managing funnel for leads to create sales. If we handle recruitment funnels similarly to leads, we will be able to rapidly expand our team.

You can also specify candidate statuses such as Applied, Short-Listed, Rejected, Interview Pending, In Process, and Hired, but not Join, Future, Hold, and No Hire. After reviewing a candidate's resume, you can put them to the Short-Listed or Rejected pile.

After candidates are shortlisted, the next step is to schedule interviews. For HR to schedule an interview, they must first consult with the client and then write an invitation, a process that consumes a great deal of time.

If you use a recruitment portal, you can schedule interviews and email candidates directly from the platform. If your recruitment portal allows you to connect to Zoom, you can build a Zoom link for your virtual interview.

You can also select an interviewer with Semsto, who will be notified and able to read your resume, and after the interview, you can rate the interview with a star rating. Consequently, we can compare prospects at a later stage.

By using a recruitment site, you can also easily manage applicant follow-ups, which is vital given that candidates have multiple offers and can be convinced by follow-ups.

Centralize Communication

Additionally, recruitment portals provide the creation of different communication templates that may be used for all candidate conversations. Portal allows you to centralise all communication. If a manager wants to find out about a candidate's communication, he or she must refer to the emails sent and received by the HR representative managing the candidate. However, utilising the portal, anyone with access can read all interactions.

Reference checking

Semsto has an advanced reference checking tool that allows you to collect a candidate's reference information and send an email to the reference with the relevant information. When a Reference person responds to an email with the requested information, those data are saved with the candidate's information, and any member of the manager team can examine and mark those details as confirmed. This makes the process of checking references transparent and simple.

Let me ask below questions for interviews taken in your company?

  • Do you track the number of interviews candidates go through?
  • Do you provide a rating and review of each interview?
  • Do you monitor the interviewee's time?
  • Do you know your company's most effective interviewer?
  • What is the most efficient channel for candidates?
  • Do you have Job Position statistics such as the number of candidates who applied, were screened, and hired?

If you want to measure above metrix than contact us NOW!