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In Progress

CRM UI/UX Improvement

Improving UI/UX of CRM Module

Lead Automation Rules

Define custom automation rules for the lead in order to send auto notifications to clients and employees.


Plan a survey with your client and an employee to gather more information about your idea or thoughts.

Project Dashboard

Create a project dashboard that displays essential information about the project's progress, team activities, and revenue.

Up Next

Digital Diary

Manage your diary online

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Calendy Integration

For meeting/followup we will do integration with Calendly .

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Google Calendar Integration

We will do integration of Semsto Calender with google calendar

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API Integration

We will provide APIs for task so can later integrate with other platforms.

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Improved Payroll Management

Improving payroll for make it more effective and quick.

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Task Improvement

Task Improvement with better user experience and performance

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Whimsical Flow Management

Create your flow to manage your tasks

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