This section help you to schedule meeting with clients and manage MoM for meetings. If all of your meeting's information is properly managed then it will be really helpful to server your client better.



Client Meetings

You can schedule meeting with clients and set reminder for meetings. You can also connect documents with meeting. After completion of meeting you can summaries all Meeting Summaries and then can send it to client.


Internal Meetings

If you are able to increase effectiveness of Internal Meeting then its really help you to utilize time of team members. By internal meeting module you or your team can schedule internal meetings, connect document with it and after completion of meeting can also create MOM and share with full team. If this module utilize properly then it will reduce team meeting time significantly. We also keep track of all team member's time spent in meetings.

Pain Points

Lots of time spend on meetings
Nonproductive meeting
Forgot meeting purpose after some time
Reminder for meeting
Keep track of time spend on meeting

Importance of Meetings

Meetings provide a valuable forum for a range of different functions, helping people to share ideas, make decisions, build team relationships, and even feel less lonely at work.